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HT: 5-11
WT: 170
DOB: 04-03-1982

"Michelangelo had a very interesting theory about sculpting: that the statue is already in the stone, and has been in the stone since the beginning of time. The sculptor's job is to see it and release it by carefully scraping away excess material.

I believe this is also true in music. You can spend your entire life struggling to master an instrument, but until you are able to momentarily surrender your consciousness and forget about your fears, technique, your audience and the physical moment, you may never truly see the masterpiece that is within you.

For me, there is a point that I reach when playing the drums where my consciousness moves past the here and now, and I relinquish control of my playing. As my mind separates from my body, I become a mere observer of my own performance."

-Tyler Chen

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